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ISSN No. 0976 - 8602 ASIAN RESONANCE:VOL- IV * ISSUE- II * April - 2015 LIST Page No
1 Design Aids of Parallel Flange Section Subjected To Axial Compression, As Per I.S.800: 2007.
Gargi Danda De and Mohan Gupta, Durg
2 Production of Gas Oil From Used Engine Oil
A.L.Rathod, Maharshtra
3 Effect of Irrigation and Nitrogen Levels on Growth and Yield of Chandrasur (Lepidium Sativum) Under Chhattisgarh Plain
Yeman Dewangan, S. S. Tuteja and A. K. Geda, Chhattisgarh
4 Gender Discrimination in Terms of Nutritional Status of School Children: A Study from Haryana
Varsha Rani, Ritu and N. Khetarpaul, Hisar
5 Scientometric Analysis of DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology During 2007-2014
Madhuri Gautam and Maya Verma, Raipur
6 Microteaching of the Students Presenting Seminars An Observational Study
M Tariq Zaidi and Mohd. Arshad, Aligarh
7 Influence of Integrated Nutrient Management on Production of Tomato Cv. Pant T-3 Under Chhattisgarh Plain Zone
Deepti Patel, S. N. Dikshit and S.K. Verma, Raipur
8 Genetic Studies on Growth Traits and Growth Rates in Dorper Crossbred Sheep
Dibyendu Chakraborty, Vikas bin Zaffer, Anamika, Mohd. Rameez, D. Kumar and R. K. Taggar,Jammu
9 Evaluation of Linseed (Linum Usitatissimum) Genotypes for Rainfed Condition At Bilaspur Plain Region of Chhattisgarh
Roshan Parihar and Devendra Jeet Sharma, Chhattisgarh
10 Micro Fundamental Factors of Equity Stock Prices in India
Suresh K. Mittal and Neha Goyal, Haryana
11 Study of Performance Appraisal System in BSNL and Airtel
Maya Agarwal and Anil Upadhyay, Rajasthan
12 Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship
Nidhi Aggarwal , Chandigarh
13 Generalization of Semiperfect Rings
D.S. Singh, Chhattisgarh
14 An Approach For Electrical Conduction
S.P.Sriyal , M. C. Badoni and B. P. Bahuguna, Uttarakhand
15 Bio-Accumulation of Cr3+ Ions by Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Sarla Kumari, Narendra Nirwan and Chandra Mohan, Rajasthan
16 Cosmetic Aspects of Some Herbs from Valmiki Nagar, Bihar
Md. Sarfaraz Ahmad and Qais Ajmal, Bihar
17 Deterioration in Water Quality of River Kshipra At Ramghat, During Mass Bath, Ujjain, M.P. India
Shivi Bhasin , Arvind N. Shukla and Sharad Shrivastava,M.P.
18 Morphological and Behavioural Distinctiveness of the Flying Insecticide Apus affinis from the Semi-Arid Region of Jhalda, Purulia, West Bengal
Nilanjana Chatterjee and Mandira Mukhopadhyay, West Bengal
19 Beware of Hepatotoxic Oral Contraceptives-An Insilico Study
Priyanka Tiwari, Indore
20 Lipid Peroxidation in the Patients of Pre-Eclampsia
Shahnawaz Alam , Aijaz Abbas Rizvi and Rajiv Gulati, Aligarh
21 Effect of Different Polymer Concentration on Bio-Adhesion of Antihypertensive Bio-Adhesive Layer
Aadesh Kumar, Tanuj Joshi and Govind Rajpal, Uttarakhand
22 A Brief Review of Block Printing in India, with a Comparative Analysis of Ajrak and Sanganer Styles of Printing
Ravneet Kaur and Prabhdip Brar, Chandigarh
23 Performance and Problems of SHG :Special Reference of Jabalpur District of M.P.
Jagdeep Dubey, M.P.
24 Perception of Beneficiaries Regarding the Micro Finance To the Self Help Groups (SGHs): A Case Study
K.S. Ramola and Neeraj Kumar, Uttarakhand
25 Role of Women Entrepreneurship in Small Scale Industries with Special Refrence of Jabalpur District
Radha Pradhan and Archana Pandey, M.P.
26 A Study of Gender Role and Conflict Management Styles among Organizational Employees
Swati Doshi and Minakshi Desai,Rajkot
27 Devaluation of Non Economic Values in Advertising and Its Impact on Socio-Economic Environment of Uttarakhand
V.C. Sharma, S.K. Dhaundiyal and S.K. Srivastava, Uttarakhand
28 Scope for the Horticulture Industry To Grow and Flourish in India
Pinaz Patel and Rajani Goklani, Gujarat.
29 An Analysis of Fiscal Performance and Debt Sustainability of Jharkhand since its Inception
Dhiraj Mani Pathak,Ranchi
30 Foreign Direct Investment in India: A Brief Study
Mukesh Kumar,Haryana
31 Scenario of Rural-Urban Migration in India: Consequences and Alternative Strategy
Kuntal Kanti Chattoraj and Susanta Chand, West Bengal
32 Functional Area of a Punjabi Vegetable Market: A Case Study of Tanda Urmar (District Hoshiarpur)
Anandvir Kaur Saini and Khushvir Singh Saini, Chandigarh
33 Plants as An Integral Part in the Life of the Bodos of Assam
Chandana Sarma, Assam
34 Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence As Predictors of Academic Performance of University Students
Kavita Kumar and Kanti Singh Pawar, Agra
35 Development of a Tool to Measure Adherence to Treatment of Patients with Terminal and Chronic Diseases
Arpita Srivastava, Priyanka Kumari and Dhananjay Kumar,Gorakhpur
36 Gender Difference on Parent-Child Relationship and Academic Achievement Among School Students
Rekha Tripathy and Bharati Roy,Ranchi
37 Evaluation of Internet Resources Useful in Research: Nature and Types
Parveen Kumari, Haryana
38 Differentiating Youth Problems Across Gender, Government and Private Schools
Chandra Shekhar and Rajinder Kumar,Jammu
39 Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (Pefr) Among Selected National Level Male Players of Chandigarh
Th. Nandalal Singh and Harmandeep Kaur,Chandigarh
40 Interest and Attitude of Working Women Towards Women Empowerment in Agra (U.P.)
Kalpana Gupta and Pratima Singh, Agra
41 Reflection of Quality in the Performance of the Primary School Learners Belonging To Backward Communities – An Investigation
Rupa Das Borbora, Assam
42 Effect of High and Low Television Viewing on Study Habits of Adolescent Students
Chhavi Chadha and Usha Dhulia, Uttarakhand
43 Female Feticide and Infanticide: An Educational Program
Sapna Yadav and Surabhi Purohit,Rajasthan
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