Dr. Asha Tripathi
Dedicated Educationist & Social Worker.
Retired Principal of Mahila Mahavidyalaya, P.G. College, Kanpur. Dr. Asha Tripathi has set an example in the field of social work specially women welfare. She has dedicated herself for education, social work. She was conferred with the award of “Jwell of India” in 2001 “U.P. Ratna in 2009. As a professor of Sociology she has 40 years teaching experience of U.G. and P.G. classes. She Obtained degree of M.A. and L.L.B. from Lucknow University, Lucknow and Ph.D. from Punjab University, Chandigarh under U.G.C. fellowship. She has supervised many of Ph. D.’s and M. Phill’s, and has published many articles and papers on different Social issues. Her book “Ramayan Mei Rajniti” is under the printing process. As convener/ organizing president, she has experience of so many seminars Workshops and Exhibition on different issues/ subjects. She has contributed a lot in the field of women, Adult Education, Eradication of Fund Infanticide, women welfare specially violence against Women State Women Policy etc. Presently she is working as Director, Shivlok Shikshan Sansthan, Kanpur. She is associated with Sakhi Kendra / Mahila Manch U. P., Kanpur as President, All India Conference of Intellectuals as Vice-President, Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies, Legislative Council U. P., Lucknow as Executive Member, Bharat Vikas Parishad Kanpur, as Programme Incharge etc.
Periodic Research to Review
Periodic Research


Customer’s perception towards online share trading in Kanpur
Mandakini Garg, Kamna Katiyar, Kanpur.


A critique of the developmental model of underdeveloped states of India with Bihar as the test case
Sidharth Shankar, Muzaffarpur, Bihar


Harmonic Elimination by Shunt Active Power Filter
SmitaSinghai, Raipur


A  community  based  study  on  non  medical  maternal  factors affecting  infant  survival  in  Gujarat
Minal  S.  Gadhvi, Gujarat, Ashish S. Chaudhari, Sohil H. Mansuri, Ahmedabad


General health of the villagers in the western part of the West Bengal, India, with a special reference of Ainch Bari, Bishnupur, Bankura
Nilanjana Chatterjee, Baibaswata Bhattacharjee, West Bengal


Passive latent heat thermal energy storage systems: PCMs-A review
Piyush Sinha, Neelam Sinha, Muzaffarnagar


Influence of the Solar sources and geomagnetic disturbances for intense geomagnetic storms occurred between 2003-2008
Ruchi  Nigam, Jabalpur


Biological Activities of Zn(II)-Potassium Propylene Dixanthate Chelate
Raj Kumar, Vineeta, Saharanpur


Effect of Madhumehant Churna on Madhumeha
S.P.Gautam, Mukesh Dubey, Ranjip Kumar Dass, Vishnu Prasad Gautam, Haryana


Stability analysis in upland rice
S. R. Shinde, P. V. Katrajkar, Kolhapur


Estimation of poly-methyl-galacturonase enzyme activity of Fusarium species in North Bihar
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Age determination and growth rate of fresh water fish Puntius conchonius (Ham.-Buch.) by a use of trunk vertebrae
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Effect of insecticide Malathion on cocoon production in earthworm Eisenia foetida
Asha Pal and  Pooja Patidar, Indore, M.P.


Role of Natrolite in remediation of acute lead toxicity in fish
B.D. Nagle, Betul M.P


Study of Mastitis in Cattle of Dairy Farms 
Neetu Soni, Shashi, B. Shrivastav, Suneeta Shrivastav, Jabalpur (M.P.)


Standardization and Optimization of the basic formulation and processing conditions for the preparation of chevon, mutton & chicken patties substituted with rabbit meat
P. Singh, D. Bhardwaj, Arvind Kumar, S.Kumar, Jammu


Adoption of improved cultivation practices of turmeric by farmers
Nitin D. Ovhar, P.K.Wakle, Akola  (MS)


Effectiveness of radio programme Kisanvani
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Utilization and credibility pattern of information sources used by the cotton growers
P. K. Wakle, S.P.Lambe,S.P. Salame, Akola


A Study of Determining Energy Saving Behaviour and Energy Awareness amongst College Students
Mona Mehta, Sarjoo Patel, Vadodara


Effect of Detergent on the Strength of  Cotton Fabrics
Neelam Agrawal, Maneesha Thakur, Jabalpur (M.P.)


Land use and land cover change in patiali rao watershed: a remote sensing and gis application
Gursewak Singh Brar, Chandigarh


Tourism and Resource Development: A Case Study of Gujarat
Pawan Kumar Shukla, A. A. Ansari, Vadodara


Scenario of being apartment dwellers: A case study from Burdwan Town,
West Bengal, India
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A review on impact and management of biomedical waste
Amina Jafri, Dr. M.J.A Siddiqui 


Criminal Liability and Medical Negligence: An Overview
Renu Jamwal, Monica Narang, Jammu


Legalization of Homosexual Marriages in India: Challenges and Possibilities
Namita Singh Malik, Rajasthan and Chitra Singh,Meerut


Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children
Vijeta Verma, Rajasthan


Counting Footprint – Growth of India and China
Mamta Jain, Hemant Verma, Jaipur


Corporate Social Reporting A Pragmatic Approach For B.C.C.L
Roopam Kumari, Jharkhand


Social relevance and modernity in the historical plays of Girish Karnad
Sultan Singh Dhurwey, Shahpura(Dindori)


Acceptance/Existence: A Postcolonial Study of Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice CandyMan (Cracking India)
Geeta Phogat and Shalini Attri, Sonipat


Arnold Wesker and the New Wave British Theatre
Rajesh Tiwari, Assam


Endangered Femininity- Intensity and Magnitude of Crime Against Girl Child
S. P. Shukla, Rewa (M.P.)


A Study of Self-concept among Physically Disabled and Normal Students
Mridula Rawal and Neeta Agnihotri, Kanpur


A study of educational thoughts of Indian thinkers with reference to ethical education
Rajusing M. Chavan, Pune


The Employment Problem in India: Its Nature, Causes and Possible Solutions
Bhanu Shankar, Lucknow


Study on use of credit cards by the Consumers for day to day expenditures
Uma Neb, Kanchan Dhingra and  Shaleen K Dhingra, Jabalpur, (M.P.)


Effect of Climatological Variables on the Frequency of Incident Stroke Hospitalization During Spring
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In Defense of Euthanasia: A Situational Analysis
Tapan Kumar De, West Bengal


The Beginning of Jaina Epistemology Umasvami’s Tattvadhigam-Sutra
Siddhartha Sadhu, Birbhum


Biotechnology: Tools for conserving Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture
Ranjna Sharma and Rajkumar Herojeet, Chandigarh


Revenue Administration under Vijayanagar Empire
Sanjeev Kumar Tande, Karnataka


Discovering untouchable past: a brief survey of untouchables   histories in united provinces (1900-1950)
Meera , Lucknow


Evolution of the Colonial forest policy in Oudh: 1860 to 1900
Richa Tripathi, Lucknow


Theatre and the making of Indian Nationalism during the Colonial period
Madhulika Singh, Jammu


Heritage Tourism sites in Birbhum District of West Bengal : Its Present Condition and Protentialities
Kartick Chandra Barman, West Bengal


Emotional  Intelligence Enhances Self Concept and Academic Achievement of Students
Sumitra Devi and  Meenakshi Dahiya, Haryana


Empowerment of Scheduled Caste Women through Panchayati Raj Institution
Rajesh Kumar and Nagendra Kumar,Meerut


The Big Five Personality traits among the students
Firoz Ibrahimi and  Sana Akhter, Jharkhand.


Senescence and its ramifications in The realm of morale and depression
Chandra Shekhar and  Syed Shehna, Jammu


Social Values as reflected in the Manusmrti and its relevance
Sanatan Kalita Jorhat


Construction of skill test in handball for college male students
Devendra Kumar, Deoria(U.P.)


E-Learning : An Emerging Trend In Teacher Education
Poonam Madan, Kanpur


छत्तीसगढ में वनौषधियों का विपणन (मरवाही वनमंडल के विशेष संदर्भ में)
मुकेश कुमार, दन्तेवाडा और डी0 पी0 देवांगन , विलासपुर छ0ग0

58. शिक्षित महिलाओं के बदलते स्वरुप एवं आर्थिक स्वतंत्रता
रोशनी भारिल्य, ग्वालियर (म.प्र.) और नीरज कुमार गौतम, सागर (म.प्र.)
59. स्नातक स्तर पर शिक्षाथियों के मानसिक स्वास्थय और सर्जनात्मक से सम्बन्ध का अध्ययन
यशिका गुप्ता, कानपुर और पुनीत शर्मा, शिलाँग
60. तलाकशुदा एवं परित्यक्ता महिलाओं की संवेगात्मक परित्यक्ता
नसरीन रहमान शेख, इंदौर और सुंदर त्यागी, विजयवाडा (आन्ध्र प्रदेश)
61. युवाओं में बढता नशा - एक घातक चुनौती
अजरा एजाज, छिंदवाडा (म.प्र.)
62. अली सरदार जाफरी का हिन्दी साहित्य में योगदान
अमित शुक्ल, रीवा (म.प्र.)
63. संत कबीरदास एवं गुरुनानक का सामाजिक चिंतन
ममता सहगल, जबलपुर (म.प्र.)
64. प्रसाद क्रत 'चन्द्रगुप्त' - संदर्भ राष्ट्रीय चेतना
बिजय रबानी, पं.बंगाल
65. म्रदा प्रबंध इकाई एवं म्रदा वर्गीकरण का एक भौगोलिक विश्लेषण जयपुर एवं दौसा जिले
(राजस्थान) का एक विशेष अध्ययन

धर्मवीर गुर्जर, सीकर (राज.)
66. वैदिक शाष्वत मूल्य परित्याग एवं दुष्प्रभाव
सत्यवती, तारानगर (चुरु)
67. रीवा नगर की आन्तरिक व्यावसायिक संरचना एवं विपणन आकारिकी - एक भौगोलिक अध्ययन
इन्द्रेश द्विवेदी, और बी.के. शर्मा, मऊगंज (रीवा)
68. अनुसूचित जाती व विकास - विकास योजनाओं का अनुसूचित जाति के परिवारों पर प्रभाव व लाभ का अध्ययन करना
श्रीमती अनीता वर्मा, राजस्थान

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