Asian Resonance to Review
ISSN No.0976-8602 ASIAN RESONANCE:VOL- III* ISSUE-IV*October-2014 LIST Page No
1 Study of Study Habit of Senior Secondary Students Belonging to U.P. Board and CBSE
Poonam Sharma
2 Hydrochemical Monitoring of Ground Water Quality With Reference To Town Deeg, District Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Sunder Singh, Rajasthan
3 Econometric Analysis of Agriculture Productivity in Rajasthan
Jhabar Singh, S.K. Saxena, Surender Kumar Kulshrestha, Rajasthan
4 Terrestrial Nitrification Studies in the Arid Soils of Purna Basin- A Region Specific Research to Arrest Nitrate Pollution
Niteen Vinay Phirke
5 Perception of Ready To Wear Kerelian Saree Among Adolescent Girl
Bhavana Sharma, Neelam Agrawal, Smita Pathak , Jabalpur, M.P.
6 Object Oriented Implementation of DES for Security in E-Learning
Sunil Karforma, Soumendu Banerjee, Burdwan, West Bnegal
7 Useful Plants of Wetlands in Puruliya District, West Bengal
Sujit Kumar Mandal, Ambarish Mukherjee, Burdwan ,West Bengal
8 Study of Plant Responses To Polluted Air in Selected Localities: 1. Deoghar, Jharkhand (India)
Mousumi Banerjee, Ambarish Mukherjee, Burdwan ,West Bengal
9 Religious Attitude and Quality of Life among Rural Ageing Adults
Shubha Dube, Vimla Siyag, Rajasthan
10 Evaluation of Cell Phone Detector
Subah Chawla, Jabalpur, M.P
11 Explanation of Jara Marana : The Buddhist Perspective
Swati Rakshit
12 Determination of Gestational Age by Measurements of Hand-A Morphometric Study in Human Foetuses.
Mohd Arshad, Farah Ghaus, Nazim Nasir, M.Tariq Zaidi, Aligarh
13 Assessment of the Effectiveness of Nanofluids for Single-Phase Heat Transfer in Micro-Channels
Harish Kumar Patel, Rupesh Kumar Khutey, Alok Kumar Verma, Sameer verma Guwahati
14 Computational Analysis of Fuel Intake System for Biogas Operated Single Cylinder 4-Stroke Spark Ignition Engine
Sudhir M. Arali, S. S. Gawade, Miraj
15 Price Instability and Sustainable Agriculture Development: An Econometric Analysis
Vinod Kumar Jangir, D.S.Bhullar, S.K. Kulshrestha, Hanumangarh
16 Peer Victimization and Its Psychological Correlates Among School Children
Chandra Shekhar, Syed Shehna, Priti, Jammu and Kashmir
17 Optimization of Process Parameter for Production of Protein Enriched Rice-Legume Based Snack Food by Extrusion Cooking
Devendra Kumar Verma, Mohan Singh, Jabalpur
18 A Plane Symmetric Universe Filled With Viscous Fluid in a Self-Creation Theory of Gravitation
Priyanka Rai, Sarfaraz Alam, Vivek K. Singh, Bihar
19 Estimation of Economic Decision Levels of Aphid, Aphis Craccivora Koch on Indian Bean, Lablab Purpureus (Linn.) Sweet
K.C. Kumawat, Bhavana Godwal, S.K. Khinchi, Rajasthan.
20 Spatio-Temporal Changes of Livestock in the Arid Region of Rajasthan
Jai Bharat Singh, Rajasthan
21 Studies on Coordination Compounds of Some Pyrazoline-5-One Derivative
A.K.Srivastava, Ranjeet Kumar Singh, Nidhi Srivastava, Muzaffarpur
22 Mitigation of Ground Water Level Depletion in Ujjain Sector, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Pushpa Jatwa, Pramendra Dev, Ujjain
23 Women in Garo Society: An Anthropological Perspective
Jintu Hazarika, Chandana Sharma, Guwahati
24 Visva-Bharati: A Confluence of Idealistic Philosophy and Progressive Energy
Suddhasattwa Banerjee, Birbhum, West Bengal
25 Investigating Role Strain, Well-Being and Heath Problems of Dual Earner Couples
Sameshta, Sunita Agarwal, Jaipur
26 Mental Health In Relation To Personality - A Study of Male and Female Hostlers and Day Scholars
Mukta Singhvi, Shiva Smradhi, Jaipur.rajasthan
27 Heat Storage Coefficient of Highly Porous Metal Foams in Two-Phase Systems by Introducing Interfacial Layer
Jyoti Rani, Harish Kumar Sublania, K. J. Singh, Ramvir Singh,
28 A Study of Attitude of University Girls Towards Hostel Life
Mohd Zubair Kales, Jammu (J&K)
29 Studies on Blue Green Algae of Jait Sagar Lake, Bundi (Rajasthan)
Dilip Kumar Rathore, Preeti Sharma, Bundi, Rajasthan.
30 Cognitive and Behavioural Coping Strategies of Depressive Patients To Cope With Psycho-Social Stressors
Preet Kumari, Shweta Chaturvedi, , Dayalbagh, Agra
31 Conductometric investigations on Cerium and thorium soaps
Ramakant Sharma, Morena, M.P.
32 Indian Ocean Rim: A Region of Opportunity
Monika Kannan, Shyam S. Khinchi, Sunita Pachouri
33 Participation of Women Gram Panchayat Members in Village Development
D.M. Mankar, P.P. Wankhade, N.M.Kale, Akola
34 Knowledge Sharing Behaviour of Employees: A Study in Selected It Organizations
Rupinder Bir Kaur, Vaneeta Agarwal, Chandigarh
35 Violence Against Children: A Stigma Against Humanity With Special Reference To Balkalyangrih in Varanasi City
Priyanka Singh Upadhyay, Agra
36 Symbolic forms and Motifs in Patola Saree of Gujarat
Mili, Gurgaon
37 Assessment of Nutritional Knowledge of Anganwadi Workers
Bhawana Sharma, Shashi Jain, Udaipur
38 Problem of Religious Language in Analytic Philosophy of Religion
Sabitri Devi
39 Factor Analysis: A Tool For Research
Praveen Sahu, Kaushlendra Awasthi, Gwalior
40 Study of Specific Physical Fitness Ability of C.S.J.M.University Cricket Palyers
Dhananjay Singh, Raghvendra Singh, Vishvanath Pratap Singh, Kanpur.
41 Verbal Suffix –Lai in Boro
Swarna Prabha Chainary
42 Quantitative Justification of Theoretical Relations for Thermoelectric Power of Metals
Shashi Bhushan Mahto, Jharkhand
43 Application of Porters Five Force Model on Selected Sugar Industries of India
Anisha Satsangi, Agra
44 Heroes of Ernest Hemingway’s Novels: A Critical Study.
Sweta Bala, Muzaffarpur
45 Affect of Fashion on Our Society
Uma neb, Priti Neb, Jabalpur (M.P.)
46 Growth of Representative Government in India under British Rule
Mohammad Mustashriq Khan
47 To assess malnutrition in Nutritional Rehabilitation Center Bhopal with the Complementary feeding practices
Akanchha Choudhary, Bhopal, M.P.
48 Comparison of Orientation Ability Among Different Female Athletes
Rajendra Singh, Dharmendra Singh, Vivek Kumar Singh, Aligarh
49 Effect of Individualized Intervention on Children Diagnosed With Spelling Difficulties
Janki Jhala, Priyanka Behrani, Vadodara
50 Socio-economic conditions of the elderly: A micro level study of village, Herian, (Nawanshahr District Punjab
Laxmi Devi, Smita Bhutani, Chandigarh
51 Paper-Patterns of Designer Kameez For Rural Expectant Women
Nisha Arya, Vivek Singh, Krishna Khambra, Hisar
52 Designer Kameez for Rural Pregnant Women
Vivek Singh, Nisha Arya, Krishna Khambra, Hisar
53 Design and Product Development : Digital Textile Printing Inspired by Gond Paintings of Madhya Pradesh Digital Textile Printing Inspired by Gond Paintings of Madhya Pradesh
Renu Jain, Nishi Sharma, Chitranshi Jain, Bhopal.
54 Design and Product Development : Digital Textile Printing Inspired by Gond Paintings of Madhya Pradesh
Renu Jain, Nishi Sharma, Chitranshi Jain, Bhopal.
55 Some Results on Group Elements
J. N. Salunke, S. P. Basude, Nanded.

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