Asian Resonance to Review
ISSN No.0976-8602 ASIAN RESONANCE:VOL- IV* ISSUE-IV*October-2015 LIST Page No
1 Seed Cotton Yield and Yield Attributes of Cotton as Influenced by Intercropping, Weed Control and Fertility Management Practices in Rainfed Vidarbha
B. V. Saoji, Akola
2 Effect of Nutrient Levels on Growth and Yield of Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi L. Sprague) Eetela Sathyanarayana
S. S. Hadole, S.M. Ghawade & G.S. Laharia
3 A Study on Housing Finance Sector by HDFC in Garhwal Region
Pradeep Mamgain, Garhwal
4 Woman Entrepreneur: Steps to Success in India
Sandeep Saxena, Kanpur
5 A Pragmatic Study of Impact of Advertising on Social and Moral Values of Children
Jaiman Preet Kaur & Jagmeet Singh Bawa, Punjab
6 Bioaccumulation of Cu2+ ion by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Sarla Kumari, Beawar, Narendra Nirwan, Beawar & Chandra Mohan, Gurgaon
7 Synthesis, Characterization and Material Applications of Unsaturated Polyamide Containing
Jiten C. Patel, Gaurav K. Patel & Hasmukh S. Patel, Gujarat
8 Phytochemical Screening of Micropropagated Centella asiatica L.
Sanjay R. Biradar & Bhagyashri D. Rachetti, Osmanabad
9 Parakeet (Psittacula krameri) Damage to Ber (Ziziphus mauritiana, Rhamnaceae) in an Orchard of Jhunjhunu (Raj.)
Sunita Singh, Sikar, Digvijay Singh Shekhawat, Bikaner & P.C. Acharya, Bikaner
10 Importance of Sheeta Guna of Vata
Mahesh Vyas, Jamnagar
11 Assessment of Physical Fitness of Young Boys (20-25 years) in Relation with Diet
Renu Mogra & Nisha Soni, Udaipur
12 An Interaction between Place of Living and Prevalence Rate of Malnutrition among Adolescents of Fatehabad, Haryana
Nisha Rani, Varsha Rani & Pinky Boora, Hisar
13 Optimisation of Wax Percentage for Photographic Analysis of Yarn Cross-Section Cutting Technique
Rajiv Kumar, Bhilwara
14 Impact of Fdi on Economic Growth: The Emerging Trends in India
Neelam Turan, Karnal
15 An Empirical Study on Factors Affecting Purchase Decision of Smartphone
Nidhi Aggarwal, Delhi
16 Impact of Mid Day Meal Scheme on Enrolment, Attendance and Employment Opportunities- A Case Study of District Pulwama in Jammu and Kashmir
Mohhamad Latif Khan, Gwalior & Pavan Kumar Shrivastava, Shivpuri
17 Cost Benefit Analysis and Marketing of Brinjal Vegetable in Bhandara District
R.R. Meshram, N.V. Shende & S.D. Kathale, Nagpur
18 Efficiency and Scale Effects in Factor Productivity in India
Sulochna Meena & J.N. Sharma, Tonk
20 Current Health Status in Rural India
Sarita Verma, Lucknow, Nidhi Prakash, Delhi & Pramod Kumar Gupta, Lucknow
21 Traditional Tribal Jury System (Jamat Panchayat) & Women folk in Melgahat: A Feminist Perspective
Rohini Deshmukh, Amravati
22 Environment Reporting and Disclosure Practices of Selected Maharatna Companies in India
Manoj Kumar & Jyoti Kaushik, Agra
23 Physiological Density and Production of Main Food Crops of Jammu and Kashmir Region
Shashi Prabha & Hardev Singh, Jammu
25 The Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev and Legacy
Renu Gosain, Karnal
26 Ecology and Spirituality in Depeciated Jaina Tradition
Aruna Gogania, Dussa
27 A Comparison of Psychological Afflictions, Life Style and Stress between Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Patients and Normal Adults
Ira Das & Poonam Sharma, Agra
28 A Case Study of Bus Rapid Transit System in Bhopal
Rita Sachdev, Bhopal
29 Role of Government in promotion of Sports in India - A Review Report
Harish Kumar, Rajendra Kumar & S.S. Suri, Modinagar
30 Effect of Exercise Programme on Physical Fitness of the Urban and Rural School Boys of District, Hisar
Ravinder Kumar Bhumbak, Kalan & Bijender Singh, Hisar
31 Comparative Study of Psychomotor Abilities of Female Players in Relation to Area and Level of Participation
Sanjiv Dutta, Bathinda
32 Study of Relationship between Socio-Emotional Classroom Climate and Some Selected Personal Attributes of Secondary School Teachers
Gitanjali Maurya, Kanpur
33 Study of Attitude of Rural Mothers towards Breastfeeding
Reena Chaurasia & S. S. Rawat, Srinagar
34 Spiritual Intelligence among Prospective Teachers in Relation to Their Personal Stress
Ganesh Datt, S.K. Pande & Ramesh Chandra Singh, Garhwal
35 Effect of Academic Stress on Academic Achievement of B.Ed. Students
Aarti Joshi, Jalandhar
36 Effect of Eye Contact on Academic Anxiety of Learning Disabled Students in Inclusive Classroom
Anjana Verma & N.P.S. Chandel, Agra
37 Feed Back Based Peer Assessment with Refference to Self-Concept
Kavita Tiwari, Bulandshahar
38 Consumption Pattern of Carbonated Sodas among College Girls
Leena Jatrana, Haryana
39 Servant Culture in Urban Families : A Case Study of Punjab
Anil Kumar Singla & Sushma Singla, Punjab