Asian Resonance to Review
ISSN No.0976-8602 ASIAN RESONANCE:VOL- IV* ISSUE-I*January-2015 LIST Page No
1 Correlative Study of Coronal Mass Ejections
Mahendra Pratap Yadav , Katni
2 Economic Growth with Skill up Gradation- Vocational and Technical Education
Parul Bhatnagar & S.D. Bhatnagar , Agra
3 A Study of Environmental Awareness Among the High and Higher Secondary Students in District Kangra Himachal Pradesh
B. L. Raina Professor, JAMMU.
4 The Legacy of Hate and Violence in Alice Walker’s The Third Life of Grange Copeland
Meena Pydah ,Agra.
5 Spatial Status of Infrastructural Facilities in Horticulture Sector of Jammu and Kashmir 2011-12
Shashi Prabha , Jammu
6 Lead Contents in collected Human Hair and Blood Samples Around Sargipalli Mine area Sundargarh, Odisha
Ahok Ku Khatua, Prafulla Ch Rout & Bijayananda Naik, Odisha.
7 Educational Empowerment through Higher Education Among Social Groups of Sheduled Castes and Sheduled Tribes (SCs & STs) in Uttarakhand
Dr.C.D.Suntha, Uttarakhand.
8 Relation Between Economic Value Added and Share Prices of Selected Indian Bank (Axis Bank And Icici Bank)
Bhawana Johri,Agra
9 Corporate Governance and its Impact on Market Value of Firms: An Empirical Study of Companies Listed In NSE CNX 100 Index
Luvnica Rastogi, New Delhi
10 Synthesis and Luminescence Characterstics of Inorganic Borate (Na3Y(BO3)2))
Rakhee Joshi & Ritesh Joshi, Barwani (M.P.)
11 Regenerative Braking System for Better Fuel Economy and Power
Anshul Mathur ,Jaipur
12 Women Empowerment: Revisiting Educational Thoughts and Actions of Swami Vivekananda
Kshama Pandey & Neetu Singh, Agra
13 N-Type Behaviour in Acceptor Doped Bismuth
Kajal Krishna Dey, Asansol.
14 Problem Solving Ability of Adolescents in Relation To Gender and Parenting Styles
Manju Gera & Jasjit kaur , Chandigarh.
15 Micropropagation of Gloriosa superb L. An Endangered Medicinal Plant
Veena Kumari & P.K. Mishra , Jharkhand.
16 A Comparative Study of Parents Awarness of Elementary School Student Towards RTE Act.
Munni Yadav & Nisha , Faridabad
17 Key Role and Importance of Credit Risk & Insurance in Banking Sector
Rajeev Prabhakar & Sonam Mishra , Gorakhpur, U.P.
18 Impact of Locus of Control on Leadership Qualities : An Empirical Study of Business Management Students
Reena Singh & K. Ajay Singh, Noida
19 Study of numerical Chromosomal aberrations in leprosy patients
Asha Pal & N.C. Singh, Indore
20 A Brief Review on Microemulsion its Concepts and Applications
Supriya Biswas & Richa Sharma, Bhilai (C.G.)
21 A Physico-Chemical Study of Ground Water Quality, with Special Reference to Fluorosis in Rural Population of village - Bamor, District Shivpuri
D.K. Sharma & Anand Kumar Mishra ,Shivpuri, M.P.
22 Seismic Hazard Analysis for Sikaser Dam of Chhattisgarh State (India)
Ashish Kumar Parashar , Bilaspur.
23 Clash of the ‘Titans’: The Management Saga of 2014 General Election
Aruna Dhamija, Somesh Dhamija & Amit Kumar, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
24 Demographic and Health Status of Rural India: Ground Level Analysis
Anup Kumar Mishra & Santosh Kumar Singh, Varanasi.
25 Influence of Meteorology on Surface Ozone, NO2 and Fine Particulate Matter at a Tropical Site in India
Jitendra Dubey ,Vyoma Singla, K. Maharaj Kumari & Anita Lakhani, Agra
26 The Myth of ‘Glocalisation’ and Silenced Identity in Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines
Santanu Basak , Burdwan, West Bengal
27 Environment Degradation: A Threat To Human Rights
Seema Dahiya Jakhar, Khanpur Kalan.
28 Influence of Socio Personal Variables on Paternal Parenting Style
Chandra K. Singh & Pinki Rani, Hisar.
29 Effect of Moisture Content on Dehulling of Soybean Dehuller
Mohan Singh, Devendra Kumar Verma & Devendra Kumar, Jabalpur.
30 Problems & prospects of Policies of Inclusion in India (With Reference of SC & ST's in India)
31 Assessment of Laboratory Competence Status of Chemistry Students in Senior Secondary Schools
Rati Verma Junior , Agra.
32 Morphometric Analysis of Bashistha and Bahini-Bharalu Drainage Basins in Assam and Meghalaya, India
Tarali Devi & Pradip Sharma, Guwahati.
33 Novel Methodology for Precast Methods of Highway Drainage System in Heavily Built up Areas and Major National Highways
Suresh Peter Kanpur ,India.
34 Fixed Point Iterations for Multi-Valued Mapping in Uniformly Smooth Banach Space
Samir Dashputre & Yogesh kumar Sahu ,Bhilai, (C.G)
35 Relationship Between Deforestation and Settlement in the Madhupur Subdivision of Jharkhand, India
Manjari Sarkar(Basu) ,Burdwan
36 New Trends in Bagh Prints:A Prospective study
Manik Samwatsar Dange & Smita Mandloi, Ratlam (M.P.)
37 Creating Value Through Acquisitions: A Case Study of Arcelor Mittal
Shashi Srivastava, Varanasi.
38 Topological Modeling of Maximum Acceptor Superdelocalizability Amax Vis a Vis Toxicity of Some Aromatic Aldehydes.
Sunita Patel Hardia , Indore.
39 Development of a Tool to Measure Social Participation
Priyanka Kumari, Kumari Anita & Dhananjay Kumar, Gorakhpur
40 Nutritional Status of School Going Children (7-9 years) of Rohtak District, Haryana
Princy Katyal & Pinky Boora , Haryana.
41 Plant Species Used as 'Bidi Leaves' in India: A Non Timber Forest Product
O.P. Sharma & Rajendra Prasad, Bundi.
42 Medicinal Plants used by the Tribals of Demurtala Village of the District Birbhum, West Bengal
Shyamal Kanti Mallick & Chandrima Das , Bankura, West Bengal.
43 Effect of Economic Recession on Employment in India: A Critical Analysis
Harpreet Singh & Adarsh Preet Singh
44 Reservation Policy and Scheduled Caste Women in Jalaun
Charumitra Anand, Agra .
45 A Study on Psychosocial Correlates of Clothing Preferences Among Youngsters with Respect to Gender
Ranjana Upadhayay ,Bhopal (MP).
46 Impact of Crime on Women and their Families in Rural Areas
Rashmi Tyagi, Jatesh Kathpalia & Ritu, Hisar
47 Effect of Breathing Techniques on Selected Haematological Variables of Male Football Players
B.C.Kapri , Varanasi.
48 Psychological Dynamics of Women Victimization and Its Impact on Health
Sushma Pandey , Gorakhpur
49 Parental Control on Purpose of Using Internet of Adolescents in Relation to their Psychological Hardiness and Peer Relationships
Kamaljeet Kaur & Manju Gera, Chandighar.
50 Synthesis, Characterization and Biochemical Studies of some mixed ligand Rh(I) Complexes with 4-Amino-3-ethyl-5- mercapto-S-triazine
R.N. Sharma & Sanjay Singh, Bhadohi,
51 Impact of Solid Waste Effect on Ground Water and Soil Quality in Town Deeg (Bhratpur) Rajasthan
Sunder Singh Leturer, Bharatpur (Rajasthan).
52 A Comparative Study of Effectiveness of Concept Attainment Model and Memory Model on Students Achievement in English Grammar
Nivedita Nivedita & Sushma Rani , Sirsa.
53 Impact of Insurgency/Militancy on Tourism Industry of Jammu and Kashmir State
Sajad Ahmad Dar & Mudasir Ahmad Bhat , Jabalpur, (M.P.)
54 Sodium Tungstate Catalysed Oxidation of Triethanolamine by Hydrogen Peroxide
Rajesh Chourasia & Jayanti Patel, Mandla, (M.P.)
55 Power of Home Involvement of Parents for Adjustment of Children with Learning Disabilities
Sunita Bist & Manju Gera, Chandigarh
56 Phytochemical Investigation and Antibacterial Activity of Pod Extracts of Cassia obtusifolia Linn.
A.N. Mishra, M.H. Ansari, D. Pandey, Garima Tiwari & Shivani Kaushik, Jaunpur (U.P.)
57 Stability Theorems for Impulsive Functional Differential Equations
Sanjay K. Srivastava, Neeti BhandarI, Neha Wadhwa ,Punjab.

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