Prof. (Dr.) M.A. Naqvi
Director General
Dr. Virendra Swarup Group of Institutions (VSGOI)
Ph.D., M.Phil, MBA M.A. (Eco.), M.Com. – (Banking), L.L.B.CEM- (Germany) & CIS-(USA)
Prof. (Dr.) M.A. Naqvi, Director General, Dr. Virendra Swarup Group of Institutions (VSGOI), is Management Guru of International repute. He has been involved in providing business, entrepreneurial and communication solutions in different parts of the world and has more than two decades of experience in the field of Management Education, Research and Training. In the field of entrepreneurship, he was instrumental in implementing all over U.P. a One Year Course in Small Industries Management for U.P. Trade Promotion Authority, Directorate of Industries. As a faculty, he has not been only teaching MBA/BBA/MAMC/MCA/B.Tech. /BCA students but also pass outs of Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI), New Delhi. He is credited with launching the first -ever program in export management in the state of Uttar Pradesh and one- year job oriented program in association with U.P. Trade Promotion Authority (UPTPA). Apart from active involvement in teaching, Prof. Naqvi has so far trained over 26000 persons. He has also conducted over 200 EDPs/ MDPs for MSME Development Institute, Govt. of India etc. He is a prolific writer and contributes regularly to leading newspapers. Prof. Naqvi has authored a book titled 'A clinical Approach to Advertising Management' and served as media adviser to Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Govt. of Japan. He is also on the editorial board of 'Ahead' magazine, New Delhi, PR and Communication Age, Kolkata and 'Contemporary Academician' India's only journal on higher education. In July 2006, he visited Malaysia at the invitation of a leading B- School College to deliver lecture on Corporate Ethics and Values- An Indian Perspective. He has also visited Argentina, Holland, U.K., France, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Malaysia to deliver lectures on Indian style of management under a cultural exchange program. The Government of India has also nominated him as member of the Central Board of Workers' Education (CBWE). In 1997, he joined the Management College of Dr. Virendra Swarup Memorial Trust (One of the largest educational groups of North India), Kanpur as Professor. Since 1999, Prof. Naqvi has been working with College of Management Studies (Affiliated to U.P. Technical University, Lucknow since 1999. He is also recipient of prestigious 'Kanpur Ratna' award of All India Conference of Intellectuals.
Asian Resonance to Review

Asian Resonance OCTOBER-2013

ISSN NO.0976-8602  
S. No. Particulars Page No.
1 Recent Developments in Magnetic Refrigeration and its Applications
Gaffar G.Momin and Akash S.Gangane, Pune,
2 Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor using Fuzzy Logic Controller for Low Torque Ripple
Aditi Chatterjee, Lokanatha Dhall Samanta and  Bibhuti Bhushan Pati, Odisha
3 Planning for optimizing transport and treatment of waste by using goal programming
Rajesh Dangwal, Arvind Kumar and Vivek Naithani, Dehradun
4 A Note on Prolate Spheroidal Wavelets
Rajendra Pandey, Jabalpur
5 A Generlisation of Classical Probability
Jai Shankar Jha, Bhagalpur
6 Analysis of Redundant system reliability model consisting of two active units
Sarita Devi, Haryana
7 Viscosity of Cerium Soaps
Ramakant Sharma, Morena
8 Ergonomic Evaluation of Roselle Calyces Detacher
 Mohini M. Dange, P. A. Borkar  and P.H.Bakane, Akola
9 Problems and Prospects of Fruits and Vegetables Processing Industry: A Study in Kamrup District of Assam
Bishnu Bhattacharyya, Nalbari,
10 Genetic Variability and Heritability Among Quantitative Traits in Chickpea Under Tropical Region
J. R.Nizama, S. R. Patel and A. I. Patel,Gujarat
11 Heterosis  Study in Pigeonpea [Cajanus Cajan (L.) Millsp.]
S. R. Patel, J.R. Nizama and  D.A. Chauhan,Gujarat
12 Hybrid Vigour Study in Mungbean [Vigna Radiata (L.) Wilczek]
N. B. Bhagora, J. R  Nizama and S. R.  Patel, Gujarat
13 Phytochemical and Anatomical Studies of the Medicinal Plant Barleria Lupulina Lindl
Sudipa Nag, Koushik Sinha, Rituparna Dutta and Krishna Kanta Pal,West Bengal
14 A New Record of Alternaria Alternata From Fruits of Luffa Acutangula From Bihar
Shambhavi Shrivastva and P.C.S. Verma, Muzaffarpur
15 Biochemical Estimation of Protein in the Bark of Anti-Diabetic  Plant Terminalia Arjuna.
Aparajita, Arun K.Singh, (Bhagalpur, Bihar) and Dharmendra Kumar, Madhya Pradesh
16 Medicinal uses of wild edible plants among the Ao Nagas of Mokokchung and its vicinity of Nagaland, India
Pramod Medhi, Ashish Kar and Sashin Kumar Borthakur, Guwahati
17 Environment &Human Development
Balwant Raj Bhadawar, Shabana  Bano, Datia M.P
18 Eco-friendly management of  tomato leaf curl disease using oil sprays
ShipraChaudhary, G.P.Srivastava and J.P.Tewari, Balrampur,
19 Testing Lethal Concentration of Lead Acetate on Clarias batrachus, Linn
Prafulla Chandra Rout, Aimen Naaz and Priyanka Sahoo
20 Gis and Remote Sensing Application in Change Detection Mapping of Bhandewadi Area of Nagpur District, Maharashtra.
M. Daberao, B. S. Manjare and Sushil S. Umbarkar, Maharshtra
21 A study of Numerical  aberration of chromosomes in albinism cases
Asha Pal, N.C. Sethi, Indore
22 Technology adoption and their impact on formers : A Case study of PKV Mini Dal Mill in Vidarbha Region
N. V. Shende, Nagpur
23 Population Dynamics of Sucking Pest Complex and Their Natural Enemies in Cotton Eco-system
S. L. Borkar, S. V. Sarode, Akola
24 Constraints Faced by Onion Growers With Regards to Cultivation, Storage and Market
R.C. Khandvi, S.P. Salame and P.K. Wakle, Akola (MS)
25 Measurement of Agriculture Infrastructure Availability of Farmers in Adaptation to Climate Change in Vidarbha
N.R.Koshti, S.P. Salame, K.T.Lahariya and P.K. Wakle, Akola (MS)
26 To assess the effect of Bhujangasana in Katishoola in two wheeler users
Timsi Srivastava, Haryana
27 (Review of Researches conducted on Arsha (Hemorrhoids) at Institute for Post Graduate Teaching and Research in Ayurveda, Jamnagar)
Vipin Kumar Tomar, T.S. Dudhamal, V. D. Mahanta, S. K. Gupta, Jamnagar
28 Impact of Social Media on Business
Garima Saxena, Jaipur
29 Role of HRD in Sustaining Airlines Business in India :  A Study on Air India
Sudatta Banerjee and Dillip Kumar Das, West Bengal
30 Women Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship in 21st Century India
Tarannum Bano, Rudhauli Basti
31 Green Marketing : Opportunity and Challenges
Vinod Kumar Jangir and D.S.Bhullar, Hanumangarh
32 Irrigation in Andhra Prdesh The Rise and Fall of Tanks
J.Rama Rao, Andhra Pradesh
33 Indo-Brazil Trade: Recent Experience and  Future Opportunities
Hemlata Sharma, Kurukshetra.
34 Impact of Different Development Programmes for Scheduled Tribe People in Drought Prone Areas: Study on West Bengal
Samir Ghosh, West Bengal
35 Agripreneurship Education and Development : Need of The Day
Geeta Pandey, Gorakhpur
36 Analysis on accounting for Intangible Assets and Depreciation in India
Alok Bhuwan
37 CSV improving CSR activities in strategic business development: A win-win situation for both the business & the society
Pranjal Bezborah and Nidhi Garodia
38 Child Labour in India: A Catch 22 Situation
Jyoti Achanta and Lata Singh, Baroda, Vadodara
39 Death Sentence And Criminal Justice in Human Rights Perspective
Imtiaz Gulam Ahmed, Calcutta
40 Narco-Analysis Test vis-à-vis Constitutional and Legal Rights of Accused
Vimal Joshi and  Sushma Joshi, sonipat
41 Trends In The Spatial Pattern Of Development In Block Akhnoor (J&K)
Rajender Singh and Md Sarfaraz Asgher, Jammu
42 Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Non-cooperation Movement in Bihar
Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Rudhauli, Basti
43 Shakti peeth Bakreswar-An Ancient Religious & Rural Tourism Destination in Birbhum District of West Bengal
Kartick Chandra Barman, West Bengal
44 Behind The Disappearing Of Urban Centres Of Pragjyotisa – Kamarupa
Golap Saikia Assam
45 A Pedagogical Perspective of ‘Rupture’, ‘Reverence’ and ‘Relevance’ in the Reading of ‘The Balcony’ and Rhinoceros’ as Modernist Texts
Shivani Jha, Delhi
46 To Make Learning Simple, Substitute Clauses by Phrases and Words
S.V.S.Vas Pulakhandam and T.Narayana, Vishakhapatnam
47 Ideological Overtones and Subjective Anxieties of Ted Hughes : A Critical Perspective On  Crow (1970)
Rajbir Parashar, Haryana
48 Environmental Philosophy in Literature
Ram Singh Rajawat, Rajasthan
49 Exploring ‘Africaine’ Identity The Poetry of David Diop and Wole Soyinka
Tanuja Mathur, Rajasthan
50 Self Invention of the Subaltern, (A Study of Dharampal’s The Beautiful Tree)
H.K  Shivalingaswamy, Tumkur
51 Praxis of Identity Politics in Mahasweta Devi’s “Draupadi”
Subrata Kumar Rana, West Bengal
52 Ted Hughes: Healer in the Post-1950s British Poetry
Milton Sarkar, West Bengal
53 Problems of Teaching English to College Students: With Special Reference to The Junior Colleges of Sundargarh District, Odisha
Ajit Kumar Barla, Odisha
54 The Element of Tradition and Modernity in Rama Mehta’s Inside the Haveli
Sohrab Sharma, Rajasthan
55 Knowledge Management – Leading the way…
Anil Kumar Kathuria and Suman Kathuria, Chandigarh
56 A Comparative Study of Mental Health of HIV Positive and HIV Negetive persons
Subhash.S.Sharma, Gujarat
57 Terrorism: Some Psychological and Behavioral aspects
Mukta Singhvi and  Priyanka Bhatia, Jaipur
58 Impact of Androgyny and Self-esteem on Happiness among Working Women
Uma mittal and Mridula Sharma, Jaipur
59 A study of relative degree of importance of characteristics related to sportsmanship according to students, teachers & general public
Sangeeta N Pathak, Gujrat
60 Status of Women in India : A Constitutional Analysis
Nirmal kr. Sahoo, West Bengal
61 Comparative Effect of Plyometric Training and Resistance Training on Selected Fitness Variables among National Level Female Basketball Players
Komal  and  Th. Nandalal Singh, Chandigarh
62 A critical evaluation of teachers of teacher training & technical institutions on the basis of their family relationship
Vikas Kumar and  Yogesh Kumar Gupta, Moradabad
63 Serigraphy: Methods and Materials of Fine Art and Commercial Printing in Present Scenario
Garima Jain and Amita Raj Goyal, Jaipur
64 Impact of Personality on Style of Clothing among College Students
Vanmala Buchke, Ranjana Upadhyay, Bhopal (MP).
65 House hold Food Insecurity among Urban Poor in India
Ramesh B, Karnataka
66 Changing Status of Middle class women in Urban family of North Bihar
Birendra Kumar Singh,Muzaffarpur
67 Women at Work Place: Their Perception and Relationships with Males
Reena Chaudhary
68 Insurgency Activities and Gender Differences in Stress Among The Secondary School Students: A Study In Karbi Anglong District, Assam
Hiranya Saikia
69 Identity Crises And Perceptions of Regional Disparity: A Study of Rajouri and Poonch Districts (J&K)
Mohd Zubair Kales, Jammu
70 The Relationship Between Teacher Effectiveness And Adjustment Level Of Secondary School Teachers
Manjeet K. Saini and Aarti Joshi, Jalandhar
71 Teacher Effectiveness of Higher Secondary School Teachers
Madhab Ghosh, Gangtok, East Sikkim
72 Burnout of Secondary School Teachers in Relation to Some Personal Variables
Reshma Khatun, West Bengal
73 Opinion of Parents, Teachers and Students towards Private Tuition in Sikkim
Savita Mishra, Gangtok(Sikkim)
74 Menstrual Cycle Phases and Mood changes
Manik Samvatsar Dange, Ratlam M P
75 Health Related Life Style Behavior and Occurrence of Obesity among Agrawal Females Residing in Jaipur City
Mukta Agrawal and Sonam Yadav, Jaipur,
76 Parental attitude, achievement motivation and vocational choice of adolescents
Nasreen Rahman Shaikh, Barwani
77 A Peep into the Health Scenario and Utilisation of Health Services of Elderly Women
Swati Ahluwalia, Lucknow

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