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ISSN No. 0976 - 8602 ASIAN RESONANCE:VOL- III * ISSUE- III * July - 2014 LIST Page No
1 Isotopes Separation by Laser Technique: A Review
S. S. Khatri, Shillong
1 - 3
2 Dielectric Loss Factor of Polyvinyledene Fluoride Thin Foils by Transient Current
Devendra K. Sahu, Kalpna Chauhan, V. S. Yadav and Shailendra S. Chauhan, Lalitpur
4 - 9
3 Vibrational dynamics of poly (chlorotrifluoroethylene)
Sumbul Firdaus, Eram Anis, Saba Firdose and Seema Srivastava, Lucknow
10 - 15
4 Effect of Sowing Dates and Maize Hybrids on Maize Productivity in Southern Rajasthan
Hargilas Meena, Rajasthan
16 - 20
5 Studies of Physiological Traits Fodder and Grain Yield During Cutting Management in Wheat, Oat and Barley Crops
Deepika Verma, A. S. Gontia and Sathrupa Rao, Jabalpur
21 - 23
6 PKV Mini Dal Mill a Boon to Agro Processing Centre
Mohini M. Dange and P. A. Borkar, Akola
24 - 27
7 The Design of a Centrifugal Blower for Air Assisted Sprayer for Orchard Pesticide Application
K.G. Dhande, Ravi Mathur and A.G. Powar, Dapoli
28 - 32
8 Synthesis and Antifungicidal Activity of Some Transition Metal Complexes with Benzimidazole Dithiocarbamate Ligand
Yogendra Sharma, Sandeep kashyap, Meenakshi Thakur, Rajeev Kumar and B.P.Yadav, Meerut
33 - 41
9 Studies on Cobalt (Ii), Nickel (Ii) and Copper (Ii) Complexes of Schiff Bases Derived from CAA, CDA and CAPH as Potential Antimicrobial Agents
Krishna Kumar Raj, Sagar,M.P.
42 - 46
10 Evaluation of Quality of Pond Water in and Around Bilaspur City (Chhatisgarth)
Renu Nayar, Deepak Tiwari and Avinash Pandey, Bilaspur (CG)
47 - 49
11 Impact of Industrilisation and Urbanisation on Medicinal Herbs at Hilly Areas of Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Nihar Ranjan Singh, Sanjeet Kumar, Prakash Kumar Tripathy and Padan Kumar Jena, Odisha
50 - 54
12 Seed Germination of Pummelo (Citrus Grandis L. Osbeck) as Affected by Storage Period and Presowing Treatments
R. R. Khopkar, P. C. Haldavaneka. Y. R. Parulekar, P. C. Mali and S.B.Thorat
55 - 59
13 An Algorithamic Approach to Permutation Graphs and Its Complexities
Latha Mohanan and M.G. Mohanan, Mumbai
60 - 64
14 Interval Graphs and its Applications
M.G.Mohanan, Latha Mohanan, Mumbai
65 - 68
15 Common Fixed Point of Intuitionistic Probabilistic Metric Spaces
Khushal Devghare, Betul, M.P.
69 - 71
16 Fluctuation in Differential Haemocyte Count (DHC) During Postembryonic Development of the Red Cotton Bug Dysdercus Koenigii
Abhay Kumar Gupta and Ashutosh Mishra, Bhadohi
72 - 74
17 Estimation of the Physico-Chemical Properties of Water in the Churu Tehsil, of Arid Region of Rajasthan (India)
Keshar Dev, C. L. Verma and Partap Singh, Bikaner
75 - 79
18 Yield of Mango (Mangifera Indica L.) Cv. Alphonso as Affected by Post Flowering Nutrient Foliar Sprays
G.S. Bansode, P.C. Haldavanekar, Y.R.Parulekar, P.M.Haldankar and M.M.Kulkarni, Dapoli, Maharasthra
80 - 82
19 Performance of Corcyracephalonica (Stainton) on different combinations of rearing media
M.B.Raut, V.S.Desai and P.Turkhade
83 - 85
20 Seasonal Variation and Profitable Market Potentiality of Bellamya bengalensis in the Western Zone of West Bengal, India
Debajit Chakraborty, Madhumita Mukherjee and Joydev Maity, West Bengal,
86 - 90
21 Phytochemical Monitoring of Some Plants Exposed to Vehicular Pollution at Badarpur Ashram Road, New Delhi, India
Shailendra Arora and Rajaram Choyal, Bikaner
91 - 96
22 Production Potential of Forage Maize (Zea Mays L.) - Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata L.) Intercropping System As Influenced By Row Ratios
P. K. Suryawanshi, S.M. Deore, M.R. Patel and A.C.Sadhu, Gujarat
97 - 99
23 A Clinical Study to Evaluate the Role of Holistic Ayurveda Treatment in Pramehaja Timira w.s.r. Background Diabetic Retinopathy
Priyanka Rani and K. S. Dhiman, Gujrat
100 - 107
24 Integrated Root Rot Management of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera (L) Dunal)
Pokhar Rawal, Ravindra Pratap Singh and Lekha, Rajasthan
108 - 114
25 Effect of Ringing on Flowering and Yield of Mango (Mangifera Indica L.) Var. Alphonso
V. V. Shinde, J. J. Dubale, P.M. Haldankar, Y. R. Parulekar and S. B. Thorat
115 - 117
26 Use of Fertilizer Briquettes in Transplanted Rice for Increased Nutrient use Efficiency in Rice in Coastal Region of Maharashtra
S.S.Prabhudesai, T.J.Bedse and M.R.Wahane
118 - 121
27 The Role of Western Powers in Indian Ocean Region and The Growing Insecurity
Shyam S. Khinchi, Sunita Pachouri and Monika Kannan, Rajasthan
122 - 125
28 Common Rainwater Harvesting Structures in Bikaner City: Problems of Changing Land Use and Future Prospects
Vinod Singh and Sandeep Kumar, Bikaner
126 - 129
29 Disasters and Agriculture in Punjab (India): Damage Caused by Floods in 2011
Komaljot Singh, Chandigarh
130 - 134
30 Physiography and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality: Exploring the Relationship in Rural Bist Doab (Punjab, India)
Anandvir Kaur Saini, Chandigarh
135- 139
31 Runoff, Suspended Sediment and Erosion Rate in the Priyadarshini Watershed
H. N. Bhange, D. M Mahale, R. V. Pawar and S. S. Palekar, Maharashtra
140 - 146
32 Bio Medical Waste Disposal
Pratibha Singh and Kshama Tripathi, Kanpur
147 - 152
33 Clinical Audit of Medical Records -A Case Study in Tertiary Care Hospital of Goa, India (2014)
Ajai Kumar Jain, Santosh Kumar Choube and Hrishiraj Panwar, Goa
153 - 161
34 A Study on the Customer Satisfaction from Indian Coffee House – in Jabalpur City
Uma V.P.Shrivastava, Jabalpur, M.P.
162 - 166
35 Board Size: An Empirical Study of Companies Listed in NSE CNX 100 Index
Luvnica Rastogi, Najeeb Uzzamman Khan Shervani and M.Mustafa, New Delhi
167 - 190
36 Quality Evaluation of Aloe (Aloe barbadensis Miller) Juice Supplemented Chapatti
Shubhra Bhargawa, Pushpinder Singh Ranote,Swati Kapoor and Savita Sharma, Ludhiana
191 - 196
37 Processing and Quality Evaluation of Tortilla and Corn Chips
Rupinder Jit Kaur, Savita Sharma and Gurkirat Kaur, Ludhiana
197 - 202
38 Soymilk Products Development from Sprouted Soybeans: A Healthy Harvest of Germination Biotechnology
Nitu Singh, Fatehpur
203 - 208
39 Ergonomic Evaluation for Dung Collection and Transportation by Rural Women
Sudesh Gandhi, Mamta Dilbaghi and Manju Mehta, Hisar
209 - 213
40 Quantifying the Status of Child Health and Health Contributors in Assam
Amarjyoti Mahanta, Assam
214 - 221
41 Utilisation of Maternal and Child Health Care Services and Maternal and Child Health Status: A Case Study of the Rural Areas of Barak Valley of Assam
Suchitra Das, Assam
222 - 228
42 Organizational Role Stress and Work Life Balance Among Manufacturing And Service Sector Employees: A Comparative Study
Rajput Kiransinh Natwarsinh,Vadodara
229 - 234
43 A Psychological Study of Occupational Stress in School Teachers
Arula Kumari, Chaibasa
235- 239
44 Role of Aaj(Society of Visual & Performing Arts)in the Progress of Rajasthani Contemporary Art & Artist
Yogendra Singh Naruka and Rajiv Garg
240 - 246
45 A Strategy-Based Study on The Nature and Causes of Learning Disabilities in Common Fractions
Chitralekha Mehera, West Bengal
247 - 250
46 Perception of Primary School Teachers towards in-Service Training Programme under SSA
Raj Kumar and Bhal Singh, Haryana
251 - 253
47 Academic Achievement of Urdu Medium Secondary School Students in relation to their Intelligence
Mohd. Moshahid and Md. Afroz Alam, Hyderabad
254 - 256
48 Diagnostic Analysis of Wan River Project
M. U. Kale, S. B. Wadatkar and M. S. Supe, Akola
257 - 259
49 Trade - off between Ecology and Economy in the Context of Gandhian Sustainable Development
Vijay Srivastava and Charan Singh Verma, New Delhi
260 - 267
50 Caste Oppression, Gender Discrimination, Poverty Linkage to Human Trafficking in India
Amit Malik, Kurukshetra
268 - 273
51 Role of Supreme Court in curbing Corruption in India
Jetling Yellosa, Andra Pradesh
274 - 276
52 Indian Experiment with coalition Governments
Chandra Mohan Upadhyay, Bahraich
277 - 285
53 Police Atrocities and Custodial Violence. A Case Study in Dibrugarh and Tinsukia District of Assam
Deepak kumar Gogoi, Assam
286 - 292
54 Political Empowerment of Indian women: A Distant Dream
U.K.Jha, Bulandshahar
293 - 295
55 The Impact of celebrity endorsement on strategic marketing management
Ajit Kumar Shukla, Varanasi
296 - 300
56 Impact of State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation of Uttarakhand Limited (SIIDCUL) on the economy of Uttarakhand
M.C.Pande and Chitranjan Singh, Uttarakhand
301 - 304
57 Arcadian Wilderness in James Fenimore Cooper - An Exploration of Environmental Issues
Anjali Raman, Noida
305 - 310
58 The Complexity of Problems of Teaching English Grammar in Fatehpur District
Prashant Dwivedi, Fatehpur
311 - 314
59 Consequences of Different Phases of Menstruation Cycle on Serum Calcium of Female Players
B.C. Kapri and Priti Verma,Varanasi
315 - 317
60 Present Status of Information Communication Technology and Best Practices of College Libraries to Enhance Quality Information in Upper Assam
Polee Saikia and Pankaj Kumar Nath, Gauhati
318 - 325
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