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ISSN No. 2231 - 0045 Periodic Research:VOL- III * ISSUE- I * August - 2014 LIST Page No
1 The Significance of Partial Replacement of Cement With Waste Marble Powder
Manju Pawar and Arvind Dewangan,Haryana
1 - 6
2 Reading Interest of Readers Towards Krishisanvadini – A Popular Farm Literature
V.R. Mahajan, P.K.Wakle, D.M. Mankar and S.P. Salame, Akola
3 Quantification of Indigenous Livestock Health Care System
Anindita Saha, West Bengal
10 - 13
4 Productivity of Arboreum Cotton Hybrids and Quality as Influenced by Plant Spacing and Fertilizer Management
A.N. Paslawar, A.S. Deotalu, S.B. Deshmukh and S.A. Bhongle, Akola
14 - 16
5 Effects of Constraints of Various Input Resources on Growth and Yield of Kharif Rice Under Conditions of Konkan Region
V.V. Panchal, V. N. Shetye and V.A. Rajemahadik, Maharashtra,
17 - 20
6 Influence of Intercropping, Weed Control and Fertility Management Practices on Stalk Yield, Biological Yield and Harvest Index of Cotton
B. V. Saoji, Maharashtra
21 – 24
7 Combining Ability Studies in CMS Based Pigeonpea Hybrids and Their Parents
G.S.Mhasal, M.W.Marawar and A.C.Solanke, Maharashtra.
25 - 28
8 Effect of different levels of effluent and inorganic fertilizer with and without FYM on growth and yield of okra in lateritic soil of Konkan
P. R. Parte, S.B.Dodake and N.H.Khobragade, Ratnagiri
29 - 31
9 Comparative Study on Sports Achievement Motivation Before and After Competition Among Different Games
Rahul Kumar Prasad, Bilaspur
32 - 34
10 Efficacy of Grace Hume-L and Nitro Bloomor-NB on Growth and Yield Parameters of Potato
P. Mondal, B. Mondal and K. Pramanik, Sriniketan
11 Phytochemical Analysis of Tribulus Terrestris Roots in Methanol Solvent Using Gc-Ms
P.P. Ekade and S.R. Manik, Maharashtra
39 - 43
12 In vitro Regeneration of Aegle marmelos (L.) Corr. through Mature Nodal explants. An Important Medicinal Tree
T. Mishra and K. Shukla, Gorakhpur
44 - 48
13 Phytochemical Analysis and Antibacterial Activity in Ricinus Communis L. Pushpalata More
Pushpalata More, Gulab Rathod and Narayan Pandhure, Maharashtra
49 - 51
14 Antitubercular and Antimicrobial Activity of Chalcone Derivatives Derived from Methylsulfanylbenzaldehyde
Paresh S. Oza, Jignesh H. Pandya, Charmy R. Mehta and Anvayi N. Upadhyay, Jamnagar
52 - 55
15 Water Quality of Bardhaman Circle, West Bengal
Tanmoy Das ,Burdwan
56 - 61
16 In-vitro Anti-Cancer activity Methanolic extract of Roots of Pueraria tuberose
Saraswati Dubey and Jagdeep Dubey, Jabalpur
17 Modelling and Prediction of effective Thermal Conductivity of Two-phase system with interfacial layer
Harish Kumar Sublania, Jyoti Rani, K. J. Singh and R. Singh, Jaipur
66- 72
18 Influence of Reaction Chamber Temperature Variation on H2S Gas Sensing Properties of Zinc Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Novel Spray CVD Technique
Sunanda C. Yadav, Miraj
73- 75
19 Geometrical Relationship Between Differentiation and Integration
Bilal Ahmad Khanday and Saleem Iqbal, Srinagar
76- 78
20 A Visit to the World of Primes
Abhishek Mukheerjee, Burdwan
79- 83
21 2D Geometric Transformations in Computer Graphics
Vijay Kumar Singh and S. P. Varma, Muzaffarpur.
84 - 86
22 Effects of Wound and Antibiotics on Blood Cells (Thcanddhc)of Dysdercus Koenigii
Abhay Kumar Gupta and Ashutosh Mishra, Varanasi
87- 91
23 Assessment of Bio- Physico and Chemical and Microbiological Characteristics and Suitability of Ground Water of Town Deeg (Bharatpur) Rajasthan: an Environmental Concern
Sunder Singh, Rajasthan
92- 98
24 Effect of Artificial Feed & Fertilizers on the Growth of Fishes (Carps) in Ponds
Chanchal Angral, K.K. Sharma and K Gupta, J&K
99 - 102
25 Checklist of Wetland Birds of Sakhya Sagar and Madhav Lakes in the Madhav National Park Shivpuri M.P. India
Mohit Arya and Anand Kumar Mishra, Madhya Pradesh
103 - 109
26 Studies of Haematotoxicological Effects of DDT on Fresh Water Teleost Saccobranchus Fossilis
Ira Rastogi and Smita Shukla, Lucknow
110 - 112
27 Species Diversity of Butterflies in Durg-Bhilai City Area
Usha Sahu and Umashanker Damendra
28 Working Capital Management of Mawmluh Cherra Cement Limited in Meghalaya
K.C.Biswal, Meghalaya
117 - 130
29 Eco-Tourism and Community Participation: A Case Study on Sikkim
Dillip Kumar Das and Soumendra Nath Biswas, Sikkim
131- 137
30 Crystallographic and Magnetic Studies of Cr3+ Substituted Nanocrystalline Cobalt Manganese Ferrites
M. M. Langade, Maharasthra
138– 142
31 A Study of Impact of Promotional Measures on Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Durable Goods---With Reference to Lucknow City
Sunita Srivastava and Aditi Tandon, Lucknow
143 - 148
32 Prospects and Problems of MSMES in Indian Economy
RITU, Ambala
33 Impact of Advertising on Urban Women Consumer’s Behaviour and Their Brand Awareness-with Special Reference to Gorakhpur District
Sadaf Athar, Gorakhpur
152 - 157
34 Health and Hygiene Behaviour Among The Tai-Ahoms of Assam: A Case Study of Upper Assam
Pranjal Protim Buragohain, Dibrugarh
158- 161
35 Economic Independence and Rising Levels of Women’s Participation in Spending Decisions of the Household (A Case Study of District Udham Singh Nagar)
Bharti Singhal, Uttarakhand
162 - 165
36 Growth of silk industry in India: An Empirical Analysis of Uttar Pradesh
Anisha Satsangi, Agrai
166- 173
37 Scientific Authenticity of J.M.G. Testand Judo Specific Fitness Test of Junior Indian Male Judo Players
Ishwanti, Vineet Mehta and Dhananjoy Shaw, Delhi
174 - 177
38 Evaluation of Air Pollution Tolerance Index (Apti) of Selected Plants Species at Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, India
Shailendra Arora and RajaramChoyal, Bikaner
39 Evaluation of in-Situ Soil and Moisture Conservation Methods on Runoff, Soil & Nutrient Loss and Productivity of Jowar Crop
S.M.Taley, S.M.Pongde and V.P.Ubarhande, Akola
186 - 189
40 Vocational Training on Value Added Products of Pearl Millet for Women Empowerment
Kusum Rana, Vivek Singh and Vinita Jain, Mandkola
190 - 193
41 Effect of Different Levels of Effluent and Inorganic Fertilizer With and Without FYM on Growth and Yield of Okra in Lateritic Soil of Konkan
Surender Dahiya and Vimal Joshi, Haryana
194 - 196
42 Aami Bachao Andolan : An Environmental Movement in Uttar Pradesh
Manvendra Pratap Singh, Gorakhpur
197 - 199
43 Nutritional Composition of Tuber Crops Grown in Konkan Region
Prajakta Yesaware, Pooja Sawant, S.S. Prabhudesai, N.B. Mhaskar and P.C.Haldavanekar, Maharasthra
200 - 205
44 Environment Friendly Practices followed by Hotel Industry
Sarjoo Patel, Shivangi Jadia and Hardi Pavasiya, Vadodara
206 - 215
45 Financial Problems of Single Parents (Special Reference – Indore City )
Rashmi Verma , Neemuch (M.P)
46 Fortified Soymilk Based Beverages: Its Preparation and Intervention on Adolescent Girls
Ahluwalia Swati , Rathore Ruchira and Savita Ahluwalia, Lucknow
47 A Study to Effect of Nutritional Intervention Measures on Admitted Children in Selected Nutrition Rehabilitation Centers of Bhopal District of Madhya Pradesh
Lakshmi Agnihotri, Akanchha Choudhary, Vinita Mewada , Bhopal
48 Relationship of Language Development With Personal And Socio – Economic Variables of Preschoolers
Nirmala, C. K. Singh and Pinki Rani, Hisar
227 - 233
49 Effect of Garden Cress Supplimentation Under Anemic Condition On Prepubertal Girls
Rekha A. Lande, Akola
234 - 237
50 A Sociological Study of Child Labours in Shivpuri Town M.P. India
Pallavi Saxena, Ranu Saxena, Madhya Pradesh
238 - 242
51 Determinants of Consumer Buying Behaviour Through Shopping Malls in Jabalpur & Mumbai City
Uma neb, Priti Neb and Saumya Mishra, Madhya Pradesh
243 - 247
52 Animal Narratives and the Issue of Human Identity
Shivalingaswamy H.K and Yogananda Rao, Tumkur
248 - 251
53 Physical Properties of custard apple (Annona Squamosa) seeds
P. H. Bakane, R. B. Reddy and M. B. Khedkar, Akola
252 – 254
54 Global Environment and World Politics
Manorama Gupta, Kanpur
55 Insomnia and Its Yogic Management
Reena Mishra, Bhopal
259 - 262
56 Role of Psychosocial Factors in Depression
Uma Mittal, Jaipur
263 - 268
57 Locus of Control Across Gender and Birth Order
Chandra Shekhar and Rajinder Kumar, Tawi
269 - 272
58 Lie Spotting Through Thin Slicing
Deepa Rani, Haryana
273 - 277
59 Metacognition: A Variable of Learning
Afroz Alam, Hyderabad
278 - 285
60 Impact of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan on Quality Dimensions of Elementary Education in Agra
Pahup Singh Tyagi, Binti Dua,
286 - 288
61 MkW- Hkhejko vEcsMdj d¢ Ñf"k laEcU/kh fopkj¨a dk fo'ys"k.kkRed v/;;u
mrlo vkuUn vkSj vfHkyk"kk lkgw ]lkxj
289 - 292
62 nfr;k ftys esa Hkwfe forj.k ,oa izfr:i & ,d HkkSxksfyd v/;;u
'kckuk ckuks vkSj cyoarjkt Hknkoj ] e/; izns”k
293- 296
63 tula[;k dk Lo:Ik**¼fiFkkSjkx<+ tuin ds lUnHkZ esa½
pUnzkorh HkV~V] mRrjk[k.M
297 - 299
64 cfy;k tuin ds xzkeh.k vapy esa lesfdr cky fodkl lsok ifj;kstuk dsUnzksa ij iwjd vkgkj dh miyCËkrk ,ao xq.koRrk dk v/;;u
jkterh oekZ vkSj ohuw ukxj] eqjknkckn
300- 307
65 orZeku le; esa ;qok yM+fd;ksa dk QS'ku ds izfr c<+rk #fp o #>ku ¼cjsyh 'kgj ij vk/kkfjr½
iwue lDlsuk] cjsyh
308- 313
66 ek/;fed fo|ky;ksa esa dk;Zjr ,u0lh0lh0 izf'kf{kr ,oa vizf'kf{kr f'k{kdksa ds vuq'kklu ,oa ekuokf/kdkj ds izfr vfHko`fRr dk v/;;u
gjs d`".k vkSj Jo.k dqekj 'kkL=h] Qrsgiqj
314- 317
67 jktLFkku d¢ Mw¡xjiqj ftys esa jkT; Lrjh; lhek ij ou rLdjksa dk ÁHkko ¼Hkkxkx<+ ou {ks= ds lanHkZ esa ½
eksfudk jksr] jktLFkku
318 - 321
68 c?ksy[k.M ds ,sfrgkfld ifjn`”; esa lkfgR; ,oa c?ksyh o vo/kh ds laLdkj xhrksa dh izklkafxdrk
vfer 'kqDy] e/;izns”k
322 - 326
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